Acid-Amine Technologies was formed in 1984 by Dr. Ian Williams and later acquired the assets of the Leonard Process Company.  Our chemical technology base is largely in Amines, Amides, Acids, and other isolated process technologies. The AAT/Leonard know-how embraces 50 years of licensing technology worldwide with over fifty major projects completed. Most of the processes involve catalytic synthesis.

The chemical units can be split into large commercial units, semi-commercial units and those primarily developmental in nature. AAT's current focus is to fully utilize its technology base by: completing commercial plants for the products listed in its portfolio.

AAT's process design combines traditional chemical engineering skills with the latest knowledge and efficiency techniques. AAT often operates at the boundaries of chemical engineering involving computer modeling for resolving the most difficult problems from the most complex polymerizations to multi-azeotrope distillation sequences, an AAT specialty.

AAT has the reputation for designing plants with excellent operation, maintenance, and safety characteristics, at an optimum cost. New product development also figures prominently at AAT, as witnessed by specialty amine technology and mercaptans development.

AAT is committed to the most efficient use of energy and capital. In many chemical processes, the operating and capital costs associated with the various process alternatives differ dramatically. Using the latest optimization methods, we can achieve the process schemes that require the minimum capital and operating costs. With process integration and in particular pinch technology, we can simplify the design of the chemical plant and at the same time, use energy to maximum efficiency, while maintaining a sound, practical, easy to operate plant. For those clients who feel their plants or technologies no longer represent a profitable and state of the art unit, AAT will conduct an optimization and process integration survey. This will provide the client with recommendations to assist in the decision-making process.

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